Nutrition and fitness have always been my passion. My passion has become my career.

I am a qualified nutrition and weight management consultant, as well as a practising spin instructor…. which I absolutely love!

I have been a registered nurse since 1996. Throughout my career I supported people through major surgeries, specialising in cardiac health. My life is dedicated to educating people on the benefits of a balanced diet, how to incorporate exercise in to their every day and to ultimately improve their overall health and well being.

I’m not going to fluff it up. There is no magic overnight cream that will do this for you. It will take your will power, determination and a strong belief that you can do it. The rewards are undeniably worth it, and the list endless… but here are just a few…

  • Increased energy
  • Happier and calmer you
  • Look and feel great
  • Control over your food choices
  • Reduced risks of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes
  • Confidence
  • Empowerment

I will help you to believe and achieve

Let me tell you a story….

I developed a chronic back problem 11 years ago. I had to stop running so took up road cycling (another passion).

Despite regular exercise, 3 years ago I was forced to take daily high doses of pain relief medication, with undesirable side effects. I had several spinal interventions with little effect and knew surgery was not an option for me at that time. I tried on many occasions to reduce my medication, but unfortunately the pain was too great.

Knowing how important it was to keep my self active, my weight down and my diet balanced and healthy, I left the office job behind and trained as a spin instructor.

Through determination, fine tuning my diet and increasing my exercise, I slowly managed to titrate completely off my medication. I never thought this would be possible. My back will never heal, but I have found a way of managing it. Am I pleased? I am ecstatic!

My point?… We never know what life is going to throw at us. Some of which we have no control over. You do, however, have the control over the choices you make. It could be the difference between a good life and a great life.

Let me help you on the path to becoming the best version of you.

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